Classes, Programs and Progress!


We are already half way through Term 1 of 2015 and things are definitely in motion around here.

You can read about our exciting developments, both online and on the ground, in our recent Newsletter.

The newsletter also includes updated information on the classes and programs which are running this year at our Centre.

We are very excited about the future development of the Burnley Backyard and the Community Hub in the former Channel 9 site and their place in our vibrant and ever-changing community.

If you are excited as we are about the new plans and communal spaces for our community and want to help out in any way please contact us at Richmond Community Learning Centre on (03) 9428 9901 or We would love to hear from you!

So exciting!

Burnley Backyard. So exciting!


Burnley Backyard – Community Update Aug 2014

Demolition of most of the structures at 49 Tudor Street, Burnley

Demolition of most of the structures at 49 Tudor Street, Burnley 3121


Exciting times! The renovation has started and we have now officially begun the development of the Burnley Backyard. You can check out the pics on RCLC’s Facebook page!

What does the memory of a backyard mean to you? For most of us in Richmond, this is a dream of days gone by at our parents’ houses in the suburbs….. Planting trees, flowers and   vegetables, the shed full of mystical tools and half finished projects, space to run, play and hide,  family and friends BBQing with plenty of space for unexpected visitors and their dog!

The Richmond Community Learning Centre, with the Richmond Community Garden Group, are endeavouring to bring that backyard back to the community of Richmond. Our aim is to provide a space that offers indoor and outdoor opportunities for the community, representing the needs of residents and  fulfilling expectations of a Community Centre.

Plans for new Burnley Backyard facility [1]

Plans for new Burnley Backyard facility [1]

Proposed Timeline

Our goal is to be up and fully functional by February 2015.   The Yarra City Council are providing funding for a Community Engagement Officer whose responsibilities will be to work with Richmond Community Learning Centre, development of community programs that represent residents needs and liaise with volunteers who will be a vital ingredient in the success of the facility.

Plans for new Burnley Backyard facility [2]

Plans for new Burnley Backyard facility [2]

Community Involvement

This is where you come in…… If you are interested in being a part of this exciting project in a volunteer role, we would love to hear from you. The role of Community Engagement Officer will also be advertised locally and if you have any interest in or questions about this role, please contact Simone Gardiner at Richmond Community Learning Centre on (03) 9428 9901 or

We will be requiring volunteers for a wide variety of positions. Some of these may involve assistance with:

  • marketing the Burnley Backyard and its role in the Community
  • functions and events
  • running programs and activities
  • delivering brochures/posters to residents and local businesses
  • collecting and collating feedback and information from residents and local businesses

We are very excited about the future development of the Burnley Backyard and its place in our vibrant and ever changing community. We hope to reflect the uniqueness of our Burnley identity and ensure that all feel welcome to be a part of this exciting project.

Job Ad Alert: Finance Officer


Fixed position 7.5 hours per week

We are seeking to hire a Finance Officer for a new position that will run up until April 2015.

The Finance Officer will be responsible for providing a comprehensive accounting and advisory service to Richmond Community Learning Centre, ensuring efficient and effective financial practices are established. If you are, or know of anyone that is, a highly skilled Accountant, flexible, and a great initiator we would love to hear from you!  Feel free to pass the word around to your friends and colleagues.

Position Description: position-description-finance officer-2014 [PDF]

Enquiries: Simone Gardiner, Centre Coordinator on (03) 9428 9901 /

Applications close 5:00pm, Friday 08 August 2014

Job Ad Alert: Children’s Program Coordinator


Part time 22 hours per week

We are seeking an enthusiastic Early Childcare Educator to join our team. We would like our Children’s Program Coordinator to be a strong team leader, a creative thinker and have excellent communication skills. You will enjoy a mix of responsibilities working directly with the children and families in our Occasional Childcare and 3+ Learning Program, as well as promoting and developing innovative programs to meet the needs and interests of our changing community.

Richmond Community Learning Centre is a family friendly employer and the role has scope for some hours to be accrued as TIL for school holiday times. If you think you would fit our team of dedicated Childcare Educators we would love to hear from you!

Position Description: position-description-childcare-coordinator-2014 [PDF]

Enquiries: Simone Gardiner, Centre Coordinator on (03) 9428 9901 /

Applications close 5:00pm, Friday 01 August 2014

We’ve listened

3+ Learning Program time changeWe’ve listened to the wishes of our parents and carers and from Term 3 our 3+ Learning Program will be running for 5 hours, from 8:30am to 1:30pm.

As part of the change we have also decided to combine the snack and lunch time so that it will be at 11:00am.

The new fee will be $45.00 / $27.00 concession

Any queries, please see our Childcare Coordinator

Farewell to Catherine

Click on poem to view larger image

Click on poem to view larger image

One of our Childcare Coordinators, Catherine, is returning home to New Zealand.  She has been a wonderful person to work with and we shall all miss her.

Catherine has put up a notice on the door to our Childcare Room (see image at right – poem author is unknown) – sentiments well expressed and applicable to all of our RCLC and other early childhood professionals who go above and beyond in the care and education of our children.



Burnley Backyard – Community Update May 2014

It was good to see many local residents at the Festival earlier in May.   Hopefully, any information or questions you had were answered by staff and committee present on the day.  Since the festival, work has continued to comply with the requirements of the City of Yarra, and the preparation to go to tender.  Below is an update of the status of the project:

  • The Planning Permit has been approved and conditions agreed to by all parties.  The centre will be able to operate from 8 am to 8 pm weekdays and
    9 am to 5 pm on weekends to deliver programs and activities including open days, markets and community events
  • A draft Lease has been prepared by the City of Yarra and presented to Richmond Community Learning Centre (RCLC) to discuss.   There are a number of support documents that need to be developed and annexed to the Lease, so staff and committee have been working through these documents in an endeavour to sign the Lease as soon as possible.   At the time of writing this update, all documents are almost completed
  • While waiting for the above documents to be finalised, the tender for the construction of the facility was circulated and five applications were received.   Interviews were undertaken with two builders and further information has been requested, with a final decision on the successful applicant to be announced when the Lease has been signed
  • The anticipated commencement of the building works is 01 July with completion prior to the break for the December/January holidays.   The Architect and RCLC would like the build to happen as quickly as possible with no unseen delays.   Everyone is looking forward to an early 2015 opening.
49 Tudor Street, Burnley

49 Tudor Street, Burnley

So there has been much behind the scenes activity to proceed the project to this stage and there is much excitement about the approaching commencement of work on the site.

If  you would like to discuss any issues around the project, please feel free to make contact me on and I will be happy to provide further information.

Jenny Fuge
Burnley Backyard Project Coordinator