We’ve listened

3+ Learning Program time changeWe’ve listened to the wishes of our parents and carers and from Term 3 our 3+ Learning Program will be running for 5 hours, from 8:30am to 1:30pm.

As part of the change we have also decided to combine the snack and lunch time so that it will be at 11:00am.

The new fee will be $45.00 / $27.00 concession

Any queries, please see our Childcare Coordinator


Farewell to Catherine

Click on poem to view larger image

Click on poem to view larger image

One of our Childcare Coordinators, Catherine, is returning home to New Zealand.  She has been a wonderful person to work with and we shall all miss her.

Catherine has put up a notice on the door to our Childcare Room (see image at right – poem author is unknown) – sentiments well expressed and applicable to all of our RCLC and other early childhood professionals who go above and beyond in the care and education of our children.



Working with children …and loving it

For the last five weeks, eight women from various backgrounds and with varying levels of English have been undertaking our Working with Children course and having a taste of what it is like to work in childcare.

This morning the women worked with Lyndley, our ESL trainer, to prepare craft materials for occasional childcare’s art activities.  There was paper cutting, tearing of tissue paper, rolling paper into little balls, many-hued ribbons and foam shapes to excite the imagination of a child of any age.

Since starting the course in late July, the women have learned an immense amount including the importance of free play and letting children make their own choices.  They have understood that childcare is a profession involving the development of children’s physical, mental and emotional abilities and not “it’s just childminding” as some of them had been led to believe by family and friends.

Our Children’s Services staff have been impressed by their work ethic, care and enthusiasm for the well-being of the children at our centre.  As this post is being written, the women are busy updating their class blogs with their thoughts about their work experience at the centre and about what they learned with Lyndley this morning.  As an IT professional, it is satisfying to be able to use information and communications technology as an instrument for growing a human being’s confidence and capabilities.

I spy with my little eye…

IMG_2480…something beginning with ‘C’.  Is it community?  Is it children?  Is it classes?  Is it Christmas?

It’s ALL of the above!

From all of us at RCLC, have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends.

Thank you for being an important part of our centre.  Keep safe and we look forward to seeing you in 2013.

Thanks and the winners are…

What a fantastic day the Green Family Life Festival was last Sunday.  Thanks so much to all of you who came and made the event such a fun community day.  The majority of visitors were from the local 3121 zone (Richmond, Cremorne and Burnley).  We were thrilled to be able to welcome everyone from the length and breadth of Melbourne from Hawthorn to Point Cook.  Can being green really be fun then?  YES!

The Art & Craft Competition Prize winners are being announced today with the Door Prize winner to be announced next week.  Check out our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/rclcnews for names of competition winners and pictures taken at the event.

Thanks to our event organisers, volunteers, stallholders, staff and the many mums, dads, grandparents, friends, cousins, and organisations who helped spread the word about the festival.

All of us were winners of that much-needed community spirit on the day.

Who’s that girl?

For those of you attending our Occasional Childcare program, you may have noticed a new face on the RCLC team.

We’d like to introduce you and offer a big welcome to Catherine who is working with Diane as a Job Share Childcare Coordinator.  These two ladies make a great coordination team together.  Drop by to say hello if you haven’t already met her!

Holiday time already! YEAH…!

Welcome to all the new families and a big welcome back to all the old families too.  It’s been a busy term getting to know all the new families and catching up with the old families as well. 

We thank Feun and Supa for coming on board and helping us out in our time of need.

Occasional Care

  • Most of the children have now settled in very well.  
  • The children love the new buckets and scoops and especially the bubbles.  
  • Lunch time on a Thursday is a favourite time for me as I see the children sitting, relaxing and showing each other what they have in their lunch box (very sociable) .    

3+ Learning Program

  • The children have been very busy learning the alphabet we will be up to the letter G in term two.
  • The children are very competent washing and drying their own hands before snack and using the tongs at snack time. WELL DONE!
  • Please spread the word about our 3+ Learning Program!

Sharmila is off to Sri Lanka for 4 weeks we wish her a safe and happy holiday.

I hope you all enjoy the two weeks break, starting this Friday, have a lovely Easter and see you all in term two.

Diane, Sharmila, Feun and Supa