Burnley Backyard – Community Update Aug 2014

Demolition of most of the structures at 49 Tudor Street, Burnley

Demolition of most of the structures at 49 Tudor Street, Burnley 3121


Exciting times! The renovation has started and we have now officially begun the development of the Burnley Backyard. You can check out the pics on RCLC’s Facebook page!

What does the memory of a backyard mean to you? For most of us in Richmond, this is a dream of days gone by at our parents’ houses in the suburbs….. Planting trees, flowers and   vegetables, the shed full of mystical tools and half finished projects, space to run, play and hide,  family and friends BBQing with plenty of space for unexpected visitors and their dog!

The Richmond Community Learning Centre, with the Richmond Community Garden Group, are endeavouring to bring that backyard back to the community of Richmond. Our aim is to provide a space that offers indoor and outdoor opportunities for the community, representing the needs of residents and  fulfilling expectations of a Community Centre.

Plans for new Burnley Backyard facility [1]

Plans for new Burnley Backyard facility [1]

Proposed Timeline

Our goal is to be up and fully functional by February 2015.   The Yarra City Council are providing funding for a Community Engagement Officer whose responsibilities will be to work with Richmond Community Learning Centre, development of community programs that represent residents needs and liaise with volunteers who will be a vital ingredient in the success of the facility.

Plans for new Burnley Backyard facility [2]

Plans for new Burnley Backyard facility [2]

Community Involvement

This is where you come in…… If you are interested in being a part of this exciting project in a volunteer role, we would love to hear from you. The role of Community Engagement Officer will also be advertised locally and if you have any interest in or questions about this role, please contact Simone Gardiner at Richmond Community Learning Centre on (03) 9428 9901 or lordst@internode.on.net

We will be requiring volunteers for a wide variety of positions. Some of these may involve assistance with:

  • marketing the Burnley Backyard and its role in the Community
  • functions and events
  • running programs and activities
  • delivering brochures/posters to residents and local businesses
  • collecting and collating feedback and information from residents and local businesses

We are very excited about the future development of the Burnley Backyard and its place in our vibrant and ever changing community. We hope to reflect the uniqueness of our Burnley identity and ensure that all feel welcome to be a part of this exciting project.


Burnley Backyard – Community Update May 2014

It was good to see many local residents at the Festival earlier in May.   Hopefully, any information or questions you had were answered by staff and committee present on the day.  Since the festival, work has continued to comply with the requirements of the City of Yarra, and the preparation to go to tender.  Below is an update of the status of the project:

  • The Planning Permit has been approved and conditions agreed to by all parties.  The centre will be able to operate from 8 am to 8 pm weekdays and
    9 am to 5 pm on weekends to deliver programs and activities including open days, markets and community events
  • A draft Lease has been prepared by the City of Yarra and presented to Richmond Community Learning Centre (RCLC) to discuss.   There are a number of support documents that need to be developed and annexed to the Lease, so staff and committee have been working through these documents in an endeavour to sign the Lease as soon as possible.   At the time of writing this update, all documents are almost completed
  • While waiting for the above documents to be finalised, the tender for the construction of the facility was circulated and five applications were received.   Interviews were undertaken with two builders and further information has been requested, with a final decision on the successful applicant to be announced when the Lease has been signed
  • The anticipated commencement of the building works is 01 July with completion prior to the break for the December/January holidays.   The Architect and RCLC would like the build to happen as quickly as possible with no unseen delays.   Everyone is looking forward to an early 2015 opening.
49 Tudor Street, Burnley

49 Tudor Street, Burnley

So there has been much behind the scenes activity to proceed the project to this stage and there is much excitement about the approaching commencement of work on the site.

If  you would like to discuss any issues around the project, please feel free to make contact me on jennyf.rclc@gmail.com and I will be happy to provide further information.

Jenny Fuge
Burnley Backyard Project Coordinator

A Day in the Life of the Burnley Backyard

current-tudor-stIt’s just after 7am and there is already a group of fifteen people under the central arbour of the Burnley Backyard. The Tai Chi instructor guides both the experienced practitioners and novices through their moves…”  Download the following documents to read on and find out more about the exciting Burnley Backyard project:

  1. A Day in the Life of Burnley Backyard (PDF)
  2. Schematic Plan 1 (PDF)
  3. Schematic Plan 2 (PDF)
  4. Site Plan (PDF)
  5. Target Groups (PDF)
  6. Programs & Activities (PDF)

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Burnley Backyard Update


49 Tudor Street, Burnley

First of all, we would just like to thank you for your support and participation in the Burnley Backyard community project at 49 Tudor Street, Richmond. Now we would like to update you on the progression of the project as it enters the final stages of planning.It has been an intense few months for the committee at Richmond Community Learning Centre (RCLC) as we entered Stage 3 of the Burnley Backyard project. We enlisted the services of Mat Foley of Content Studio just before Christmas to lead the architectural side of this stage. Mat has a lot of experience working on community projects, having designed kindergartens, resource centres and discovery centres throughout Australia. To see some of the amazing concepts his company have worked on you can go to www.contentstudio.com.au/#Case-Studies.

Additional detailed work was done during the holiday period to finalise plans for the site, meeting with the architects, council and other relevant stakeholders. We are extremely confident with how the plans have turned out and will have some of the architect’s depictions in the News & Events section of our website in the coming weeks (refer below to view one of the plans).  We will also have a display on the perimeter fencing of Tudor Street. We have continued to be informed by the community consultation and the ideas and aspirations that were presented during Stage 2.

Also as part of Stage 3 of the planning process, a program of project completion, which outlines the timeline for certain phases to be completed, was generated. We estimate that once the project gains council’s budget approval, is costed, documented and tendered, the first phase of construction will commence in January 2014. The first phase of construction will focus on the major building works, allowing the community gardens section of Burnley Backyard to be handed over to the Richmond Community Garden Group to begin operation. All going to plan this will happen in April 2014. As this takes place, the second phase of the construction process will take place which will include the internal fit outs of the meeting spaces and landscaping of the outdoor areas. The expectation is for Burnley Backyard to be fully operational and open to the community by the middle of August 2014.

More recently, committee members and staff have met with the three newly-elected councillors for Melba Ward. Misha Coleman, Simon Huggins and Phillip Vlahogiannis all were very supportive of the project and have contributed suggestions based on their local knowledge. While the councillors are supportive, council itself is still yet to sign off on the project or the $865,000 funding required for the build to commence. There has been a strong indication that approximately $800,000 is available for the project.

Thus, we are now looking for full approval for both the funding and the delivery timeline of the project as soon as possible. To do this, RCLC committee members will be attending the next council meeting to be held on the 9th April at 6:30pm at Richmond Town Hall. We will be asking for formal commitment to the project and we encourage you to show your support for Burnley Backyard by joining us at the meeting. If you are unable to attend the meeting but wish to pose a question to council we can ask it on your behalf.

Thanks again for your support and if you have any questions for us regarding the project please do not hesitate to contact us.

On behalf of the Committee of Management and staff of Richmond Community Learning Centre