Burnley Backyard – Community Update March 2014

rcgg201403The break over December and January has meant that activity slowed to a halt for close to two months, but since the end of January all systems have been in place to progress the Burnley Backyard project.

In mid December the planning application was lodged with City of Yarra and no objections to the build were lodged.   The planning application is now being circulated to relevant departments in council for perusal and comment on any issues of concern.   Hopefully, that process will be concluded shortly.

So while waiting for the conclusion of the planning process the following items have been put into play to keep things moving along:

  • The architect has prepared the documentation for the tender for the build and RCLC will be provided with this documentation this week.
  • Council has approved the drafting of a Lease between RCLC and the City of Yarra and negotiations are underway regarding the terms of the lease.

Unfortunately, until the conclusion of all the above issues, the build cannot commence.  I think everyone is anxious that this phase of the process is concluded quickly and some visual signs of progress can be seen by the community.

We will keep everyone up to date with the progress over the next few months.

Richmond Community Garden Group

bby201403The garden group held its first AGM late last year and elected a Committee of Management who very quickly commenced work in a number of areas:

  • Volunteers of the garden group ran a workshop at RCLC and planted out existing boxes on the site and then organised a fundraising activity in the form of a Bunnings Barbeque to raise much needed funds for the organisation.
  • Governance of the organisation was a high priority so the Committee attended a workshop to draw up a Strategic Plan and commence the process of preparing policies and procedures for the group.
  • Membership has grown and so has the list of residents wanting to rent a plot in the new community garden at the Burnley Backyard.

So behind the scenes much has been happening to keep the project moving along and hopefully the next news will be that the build of the facility and community garden can commence.

If you would like to be kept informed on the progress of the project, or volunteer for either the BBY or the RCGG then email jennyf.rclc@gmail.com and your details will be recorded so that future news can be communicated to you.

Jenny Fuge
Burnley Backyard Project Coordinator


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