Snapshots of the past needed for 03 May Festival

Richmond Community Learning Centre, in conjunction with the Richmond Community Garden Group will be holding its Burnley Backyard Festival Bonanza this Saturday 11:00am – 5:00pm.

49 Tudor Street, Burnley

The former Burnley Neighbourhood Centre site at 49 Tudor Street, Burnley will be redeveloped into Richmond’s newest community hub.

There will be market stalls, food, information and entertainment to enjoy and a raffle to raise funds for the newly-formed local garden group.  Rainy weather is not a problem – there is indoor space to keep you nice and dry.

The Richmond & Burnley Historical Society is seeking photos of the Tudor Street, Burnley area as part of their display at the event.  Photos can be of 49 Tudor Street at any stage of its life as a police station or community centre, or perhaps you have a family snap of your home or the general surrounds.  If you can help, please post your photos (publicly or via private message) on their Facebook page or email them to


A night of fun in Richmond-update

Just when we put word out there that we need help for our Community Fun Night, something comes up and we’ve had to postpone the event!   However, we’re still registering people who can help us put on a fantastic event – now rescheduled for
Term 1, 2012.  Please get in touch if you can:

  • help organise the event with others or
  • set up, run and/or pack away food/drinks stalls or
  • manage our clothes and toy swap or
  • promote our event or
  • suggest any other ideas/contacts (eg entertainment) for the event

You can be involved in one, some or all of the above and you don’t have to be at the event for the whole time.

So, are you still interested in bringing the community together for a night of fun in Richmond?

Let us know and let your family and friends know to join in!

Source image: Golden Fireworks by Petr Kratochvil

Special thanks for our special playgroup people

Just a note to say thanks to all who turned up in this good ol’ Melbourne grey rainy day today for our special playgroup to celebrate Neighbourhood House Week.  Just goes to show how much people care about their neighbourhood house to actually come out rain, hail or shine (OK, maybe the hail may have kept them home…!).  But really, THANK YOU – you all made it a very special celebration.

Special open day where 3 is not a crowd

At RCLC we can’t get enough of our lovely children giggling, dancing, singing, jumping, just having fun indoors or out and about.  We enjoy watching them pass through their milestones, growing more confident and adventurous.  Our 3+ Learning Program will be starting soon and will offer a range of structured and unstructured play experiences that promote learning as fun, exciting and challenging.  As a taster we’ve got a special FREE open day lined up on Monday 23 May, 12:45pm – 3:45pm.  The day is available to all families – so bring all your kids along.

Check out more details on the program and get in touch to book into our Open Day!
(If you have an account, you can also go through our Facebook Page to attend this event via this social media gateway.)

Source image: Power Walk by Petr Kratochvil

Clothes Swap Evening – a right royal reschedule

Thanks to everyone who’ve put up their hand (and clothes) for the Clothes Swap Evening.  OK, so we’ve got the message that a lot of you want to be watching the Royal Wedding this Friday night (which if you’re not already aware is the same night of our event).  So to make everyone happy we are rescheduling the Clothes Swap Evening to a hopefully-royal-wedding-free night in Term 3 (ie from July). 

We’ll keep you posted.

Image source: Wedding Cake by Amy Quinn

Clothes Swap Evening – you still have time to register!

Due to the last minute rush of enquiries, we have had to extend the RSVP (originally advertised as Mon 18 Apr) for at least another week to get those garments of yours in time for swapping! Let others know!

See Shopping made free and oh so easy for event details.  Would love to have you be a part of this green event.

Cycling Course in Yarra – starting 11 May

A free course starting in May aims to give people tips on staying safe while cycling. It will do this by asking participants to see cycling from a motorist’s perspective.

Presented by five experienced commuter cyclists, the course gets into gear on Wednesday 11 May. Split into two hour sessions held each Wednesday (from 5.30pm-7.30pm), the course will take place at the Fitzroy Town Hall over five consecutive weeks.

The first four sessions will provide advice on how to cycle without dedicated lanes, how to dress, and how to carry cargo and kids, secure your bike, gain health and fitness, and stay safe.

The final session will get participants onto the road and rail system to experience just how effective Melbourne’s bike and rail combination can be. Course numbers are limited to 24 people.

For bookings, contact Frank Fisher on 0428 862 693. For further information, contact Kate Simnett, Sustainable Transport Officer, on 9205 5734 or at

Sources: Article:  Yarra City Council; Image: Learning To Ride by Peter Griffin