Burnley Backyard – Community Update Aug 2014

Demolition of most of the structures at 49 Tudor Street, Burnley

Demolition of most of the structures at 49 Tudor Street, Burnley 3121


Exciting times! The renovation has started and we have now officially begun the development of the Burnley Backyard. You can check out the pics on RCLC’s Facebook page!

What does the memory of a backyard mean to you? For most of us in Richmond, this is a dream of days gone by at our parents’ houses in the suburbs….. Planting trees, flowers and   vegetables, the shed full of mystical tools and half finished projects, space to run, play and hide,  family and friends BBQing with plenty of space for unexpected visitors and their dog!

The Richmond Community Learning Centre, with the Richmond Community Garden Group, are endeavouring to bring that backyard back to the community of Richmond. Our aim is to provide a space that offers indoor and outdoor opportunities for the community, representing the needs of residents and  fulfilling expectations of a Community Centre.

Plans for new Burnley Backyard facility [1]

Plans for new Burnley Backyard facility [1]

Proposed Timeline

Our goal is to be up and fully functional by February 2015.   The Yarra City Council are providing funding for a Community Engagement Officer whose responsibilities will be to work with Richmond Community Learning Centre, development of community programs that represent residents needs and liaise with volunteers who will be a vital ingredient in the success of the facility.

Plans for new Burnley Backyard facility [2]

Plans for new Burnley Backyard facility [2]

Community Involvement

This is where you come in…… If you are interested in being a part of this exciting project in a volunteer role, we would love to hear from you. The role of Community Engagement Officer will also be advertised locally and if you have any interest in or questions about this role, please contact Simone Gardiner at Richmond Community Learning Centre on (03) 9428 9901 or lordst@internode.on.net

We will be requiring volunteers for a wide variety of positions. Some of these may involve assistance with:

  • marketing the Burnley Backyard and its role in the Community
  • functions and events
  • running programs and activities
  • delivering brochures/posters to residents and local businesses
  • collecting and collating feedback and information from residents and local businesses

We are very excited about the future development of the Burnley Backyard and its place in our vibrant and ever changing community. We hope to reflect the uniqueness of our Burnley identity and ensure that all feel welcome to be a part of this exciting project.


Burnley Backyard – Community Update November 2013

Little Gardener

Little Gardener – image courtesy of  George Hodan, PublicDomainPictures.net

Since the Community Information Session back in September, there has been much activity behind the scenes to move along the project.   

The list below gives residents some indication of what has been happening:

  • Soil Tests and Health Risk Assessment were completed with a favourable outcome for the proposed use of the site
  • Final Plans were completed including landscaping (these plans will be submitted for final costings, prior to tenders being awarded)
  • A planning application letter has been submitted to the City of Yarra and awaits a decision
  • A Deed between City of Yarra and Richmond Community Learning Centre (RCLC) has been signed

What Comes Next?

Once the costings have been approved and the planning application granted, tenders for the building of the facility in Tudor Street will be called for.   At present the project is running a little behind schedule, but it is hoped that the tender process will be completed by next March/April.

A Lease for the site needs to be developed and signed by RCLC and the City of Yarra prior to access being granted to commence work on site.  So the project is moving along behind the scenes even though the site remains deserted.

Community Interest

Any Burnley residents or members of the community are welcome to make contact with me to discuss the project, or to become a volunteer of the Burnley Backyard (BBY) and thereby be contacted and kept informed of the progress of the project.   So I look forward to hearing from residents.

Richmond Community Garden Club Activity

At the Community Information Session in September, residents signed up as members of the Richmond Community Garden Group (RCGG) and indicated their interest in renting a garden plot.   The membership has slowly increased and a meeting of members was conducted at the end of October.   About 12 residents attended to hear Trish Pringle outline the activities to be undertaken by the Garden Group in addition to looking after the garden plots at Tudor Street.   Trish indicated that workshops on gardening would be presented to garden club members and any community members who would like to attend.   Fundraising events will be organised to raise funds for the improvement of the community garden, with the first being a barbeque at Bunnings in Hawthorn on 28 December 2013, and volunteers to assist Trish would be welcome.

Pat Grosse, a consultant, who is assisting the RCGG with meeting its governance obligations, was also present at the meeting to provide members and prospective members with an outline of the role of the Committee of Management to be elected at the Annual General Meeting on 19 November 2013.  A number of people indicated an interest in joining the committee which will enable the garden group to run effectively.   Five new members joined the garden group,  the evening was a relaxed informal meeting, and the information provided was appreciated by all.

So the next step for the Garden Group is to hold its AGM on 19 November at 7:00 pm at ‘The Stables’ in 19 Duke Street, Richmond.   Hope to see residents at that meeting as all will be welcome and there will be an opportunity to join the Garden Group on the night.

The Festive Season

With Christmas almost upon us (and RCLC busy with its Christmas Party preparations – see below), I wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas.  Due to the closure of most organisations for some time over the December-January period,  I will endeavour to provide further information on the project early in the new year.

Jenny Fuge
Project Manager
Burnley Backyard Project

Friday 29 November, 5:30pm – Christmas Party

Come to Richmond Community Learning Centre’s free end-of-year celebration for families and individuals in the local community.  Bring a picnic rug and light supper to hear terrific singing of Christmas Carols from our childcare kids, win amazing hampers and be part of a special visit from Santa.

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14 Sep 2013: Burnley Backyard Community Information Session

bb-bike-on-fenceIf you are interested in the project , would like to receive an update on what has been happening and see the plans for the facility then come along.  There will be an opportunity to ask questions and provide the Richmond Community Learning Centre with your response to the project.

At the event you will meet:

  • Mat Foley (Architect)
  • Trish Pringle (President, Richmond Community Garden Group)
  • Jenny Fuge (Project Manager, Burnley Backyard Project

Members of the Richmond Community Learning Centre will also be present.

When: Saturday 14 September 2013, 2:00pm – 4:00pm
Where: Burnley Backyard Facility, 49 Tudor Street, Burnley  VIC  3121
Download: Flyer [PDF, 303Kb]

YES for a greener, healthier life in the City of Yarra

green-42476_640Further to our Facebook Post on the City of Yarra’s Council seeking feedback on the draft Yarra Environment Strategy (YES), the document is now available for review.

The 2013 – 2017 Yarra Environment Strategy (The Strategy) is a key document for guiding Council planning, decision-making and activities that impact on the Yarra environment and community.  The Strategy establishes the necessary guidance for the transformation that Yarra needs to go through over time to become a more sustainable city.

Through the Strategy’s review processes and engagement, our community and their representatives have emphasised the importance of continuing on from the achievements accomplished to date.

In doing so, feedback has indicated that Council’s responses will need to consider and incorporate:

  • Changing climate – the impacts of climate change are being felt strongly now, predicted to worsen in coming years. Urgent action is required to reduce emissions and prepare our community for climate change now.
  • Over ConsumptionYarra’s consumption patterns are high and getting higher while the earth’s resources (water, food, fuel, energy, minerals, materials) and ability to replenish them are decreasing. There is an urgent need to reverse this trend so that our community lives within its means while maintaining quality of life.
  • Yarra’s future stateYarra’s residential and business landscape is rapidly changing and any associated environmental impacts need to be addressed before they arise
  • Partnerships and relationshipswill need to expand beyond individuals and small groups but across the entire community at the neighbourhood, suburb and municipal scale
  • Capacity buildingof both the community and Council as an organisation to deal with future environmental scenarios
  • Council’s leadership rolewill need to incorporate not only leading by example but also advocating on our community’s behalf when required

You can respond via an online survey, submission, or email environment@yarracity.vic.gov.au to set up a face-to-face meeting. Details: Environment Strategy

Thanks and the winners are…

What a fantastic day the Green Family Life Festival was last Sunday.  Thanks so much to all of you who came and made the event such a fun community day.  The majority of visitors were from the local 3121 zone (Richmond, Cremorne and Burnley).  We were thrilled to be able to welcome everyone from the length and breadth of Melbourne from Hawthorn to Point Cook.  Can being green really be fun then?  YES!

The Art & Craft Competition Prize winners are being announced today with the Door Prize winner to be announced next week.  Check out our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/rclcnews for names of competition winners and pictures taken at the event.

Thanks to our event organisers, volunteers, stallholders, staff and the many mums, dads, grandparents, friends, cousins, and organisations who helped spread the word about the festival.

All of us were winners of that much-needed community spirit on the day.

The lull before the storm

Two days to go until the Green Family Life Festival starts at 10:00am this Sunday and we are expecting many families to storm through our centre eager to discover what green ideas, products and fun activities we have for them and their children.  Great food and drink to buy and lots of prizes to win too.  First one is the door prize so make sure you fill out the entry form as you come through our gates.

We’ve been winded, rained on, cooled down and then warmed up.  The sun is shining as we write this and the Melbourne weather forecast is looking very promising for Sunday’s festival.  See you then!

Being green is fun!

Come and join us for the Green Family Life Festival on Sunday 9 September, 10:00am – 3:00pm , where we make being green fun.

The day will be jam-packed with fun and games for the kids, and great products and ideas to inspire your family to live more sustainably, follow the seasons, celebrate your garden and care for your planet.

More information and event program at our Green Family Life Festival page.