The human story

As we head into the Christmas season, our thoughts especially turn to each other at this time – we seek to spend hours or days together and perhaps share a meal or two.  This is a part of our human story.

In our recently finished Digital Storytelling class, we had seven adult learners spend the last five weeks together developing a story from a memory and/or imagination.  Some stories perhaps need more work but these just show how the human story is as varied as the people from all walks of life that enter through the doors of Richmond Community Learning Centre.  Using information technology in a classroom setting has enabled them to produce a range of tales – and they are rightly proud of their efforts.

We hope that you will enjoy the fruits of their labours by downloading our Digital Storybook.

Everyone has a story to tell and yours is just as important – so please let us know what you think of our storybook and perhaps share a story too.