How does a garden group grow?

The Richmond Community Garden Group has been formed to encourage all sorts of community gardening in Richmond.

Since the information session in September, interest has been growing in the garden group, and becoming a member of the group.    There will be a small community garden in the new Burnley Backyard facility in Tudor Street, with some individual plots available for rental, with preference given to people who live within walking distance.

workers-78002_640Informal Meeting: Tuesday 29 October; 6:30pm

To find out more about the above an informal meeting for members and prospective members of the garden group is scheduled for Tuesday 29 October, 6:30 pm at The Stables 19 Duke Street, Richmond and I would like to extend an invitation to you to attend.

At this meeting we will also be calling for nominations for our committee of management from registered members and providing information about what is involved in a Committee of Management role.  There will be an opportunity to register as a member, be put on the list of residents wanting to rent a garden plot, and learn more about the proposed activities of the garden group.

Therefore, you are most welcome to attend the meeting, learn more, and get to meet members of the garden group.    Look forward to seeing you there.

AGM Richmond Community Garden Group: Tuesday 19 November; 6:30pm

The first Annual General Meeting of the Richmond Community Garden Group will be held on Tuesday 19 November, at 6:30pm at The Stables, 19 Duke Street, Richmond.  At this meeting the Committee of Management for the coming year will be elected from registered members of the group and reports for the financial year ending 30 June 2013 will be presented.

It would be great to see all members attend and a formal invitation will be sent to all current members shortly.


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