YES for a greener, healthier life in the City of Yarra

green-42476_640Further to our Facebook Post on the City of Yarra’s Council seeking feedback on the draft Yarra Environment Strategy (YES), the document is now available for review.

The 2013 – 2017 Yarra Environment Strategy (The Strategy) is a key document for guiding Council planning, decision-making and activities that impact on the Yarra environment and community.  The Strategy establishes the necessary guidance for the transformation that Yarra needs to go through over time to become a more sustainable city.

Through the Strategy’s review processes and engagement, our community and their representatives have emphasised the importance of continuing on from the achievements accomplished to date.

In doing so, feedback has indicated that Council’s responses will need to consider and incorporate:

  • Changing climate – the impacts of climate change are being felt strongly now, predicted to worsen in coming years. Urgent action is required to reduce emissions and prepare our community for climate change now.
  • Over ConsumptionYarra’s consumption patterns are high and getting higher while the earth’s resources (water, food, fuel, energy, minerals, materials) and ability to replenish them are decreasing. There is an urgent need to reverse this trend so that our community lives within its means while maintaining quality of life.
  • Yarra’s future stateYarra’s residential and business landscape is rapidly changing and any associated environmental impacts need to be addressed before they arise
  • Partnerships and relationshipswill need to expand beyond individuals and small groups but across the entire community at the neighbourhood, suburb and municipal scale
  • Capacity buildingof both the community and Council as an organisation to deal with future environmental scenarios
  • Council’s leadership rolewill need to incorporate not only leading by example but also advocating on our community’s behalf when required

You can respond via an online survey, submission, or email to set up a face-to-face meeting. Details: Environment Strategy


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