Working with children …and loving it

For the last five weeks, eight women from various backgrounds and with varying levels of English have been undertaking our Working with Children course and having a taste of what it is like to work in childcare.

This morning the women worked with Lyndley, our ESL trainer, to prepare craft materials for occasional childcare’s art activities.  There was paper cutting, tearing of tissue paper, rolling paper into little balls, many-hued ribbons and foam shapes to excite the imagination of a child of any age.

Since starting the course in late July, the women have learned an immense amount including the importance of free play and letting children make their own choices.  They have understood that childcare is a profession involving the development of children’s physical, mental and emotional abilities and not “it’s just childminding” as some of them had been led to believe by family and friends.

Our Children’s Services staff have been impressed by their work ethic, care and enthusiasm for the well-being of the children at our centre.  As this post is being written, the women are busy updating their class blogs with their thoughts about their work experience at the centre and about what they learned with Lyndley this morning.  As an IT professional, it is satisfying to be able to use information and communications technology as an instrument for growing a human being’s confidence and capabilities.


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