Burnley Backyard Update


49 Tudor Street, Burnley

First of all, we would just like to thank you for your support and participation in the Burnley Backyard community project at 49 Tudor Street, Richmond. Now we would like to update you on the progression of the project as it enters the final stages of planning.It has been an intense few months for the committee at Richmond Community Learning Centre (RCLC) as we entered Stage 3 of the Burnley Backyard project. We enlisted the services of Mat Foley of Content Studio just before Christmas to lead the architectural side of this stage. Mat has a lot of experience working on community projects, having designed kindergartens, resource centres and discovery centres throughout Australia. To see some of the amazing concepts his company have worked on you can go to www.contentstudio.com.au/#Case-Studies.

Additional detailed work was done during the holiday period to finalise plans for the site, meeting with the architects, council and other relevant stakeholders. We are extremely confident with how the plans have turned out and will have some of the architect’s depictions in the News & Events section of our website in the coming weeks (refer below to view one of the plans).  We will also have a display on the perimeter fencing of Tudor Street. We have continued to be informed by the community consultation and the ideas and aspirations that were presented during Stage 2.

Also as part of Stage 3 of the planning process, a program of project completion, which outlines the timeline for certain phases to be completed, was generated. We estimate that once the project gains council’s budget approval, is costed, documented and tendered, the first phase of construction will commence in January 2014. The first phase of construction will focus on the major building works, allowing the community gardens section of Burnley Backyard to be handed over to the Richmond Community Garden Group to begin operation. All going to plan this will happen in April 2014. As this takes place, the second phase of the construction process will take place which will include the internal fit outs of the meeting spaces and landscaping of the outdoor areas. The expectation is for Burnley Backyard to be fully operational and open to the community by the middle of August 2014.

More recently, committee members and staff have met with the three newly-elected councillors for Melba Ward. Misha Coleman, Simon Huggins and Phillip Vlahogiannis all were very supportive of the project and have contributed suggestions based on their local knowledge. While the councillors are supportive, council itself is still yet to sign off on the project or the $865,000 funding required for the build to commence. There has been a strong indication that approximately $800,000 is available for the project.

Thus, we are now looking for full approval for both the funding and the delivery timeline of the project as soon as possible. To do this, RCLC committee members will be attending the next council meeting to be held on the 9th April at 6:30pm at Richmond Town Hall. We will be asking for formal commitment to the project and we encourage you to show your support for Burnley Backyard by joining us at the meeting. If you are unable to attend the meeting but wish to pose a question to council we can ask it on your behalf.

Thanks again for your support and if you have any questions for us regarding the project please do not hesitate to contact us.

On behalf of the Committee of Management and staff of Richmond Community Learning Centre



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