Holiday time already! YEAH…!

Welcome to all the new families and a big welcome back to all the old families too.  It’s been a busy term getting to know all the new families and catching up with the old families as well. 

We thank Feun and Supa for coming on board and helping us out in our time of need.

Occasional Care

  • Most of the children have now settled in very well.  
  • The children love the new buckets and scoops and especially the bubbles.  
  • Lunch time on a Thursday is a favourite time for me as I see the children sitting, relaxing and showing each other what they have in their lunch box (very sociable) .    

3+ Learning Program

  • The children have been very busy learning the alphabet we will be up to the letter G in term two.
  • The children are very competent washing and drying their own hands before snack and using the tongs at snack time. WELL DONE!
  • Please spread the word about our 3+ Learning Program!

Sharmila is off to Sri Lanka for 4 weeks we wish her a safe and happy holiday.

I hope you all enjoy the two weeks break, starting this Friday, have a lovely Easter and see you all in term two.

Diane, Sharmila, Feun and Supa


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