Looking behind and looking ahead

With 2012 only just begun, I look back towards the end of the last term of 2011 with some sadness.  As you may already know, Jessie, one of our long-time childcare staff members, decided to move on from RCLC. Jessie and I worked together for quite some time – thank you and goodbye Jessie. Thanks to the generosity of our parents/carers and others, Jessie left us with a going-away gift of $250 and lots of kind thoughts written into her farewell cards.

We also have had lots of children leaving due to moving suburbs, or going off to school or to 4-year-old kinder.  Goodbye to:

  • Will and Matilda (Monday Occasional Childcare [OCC] group)
  • Eliza, Archie, Georgia, Dimitri, Stephanie, Sarah, Jack and Sreeja (3+ Learning Program group)
  • Emma, Jessica, Hugh, Sebastian, Xavier, Gemma, Andrew, Eliza, Edward and Sophia (Tuesday OCC group)
  • Jock, Holly, Dimitri, Stephanie, Bailey and Wentworth (Wednesday OCC group)
  • Lizzy, Ava, Claire and Zoe (Thursday OCC group)

We will miss Jessie and all of these children very much.

A big welcome to all of our new children:

  • Monday OCC: Freya, Stefani and Sophie N
  • Tuesday OCC: Elizabeth
  • Thursday OCC: Amelia, Priya and Thomas
  • 3+ Learning Program: Sam

A big thank you goes to all of our beautiful children who made 2011 a happy, challenging, exciting and fun year for all.

For everyone who came along to our 2011 Christmas party I hope you all had a great time and congratulations to all of the lucky ones who took home hampers.

I hope that you all had a very wonderful Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year celebration.

Looking forward to seeing you all again real soon



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