The Stables room makeover

Photo by Tony - more pics available on our Facebook site:

There’s been much measuring and scribbling going on in the front room of The Stables building just behind our main RCLC facilities lately.

That’s because, thanks to Lysette and the help of some of our staff and centre participants, it’s getting a bit of a makeover.

First of all, a long list of “must have’s” was written up – this included practical elements such as suitable storage for trestles, blinds that would enable the room to be more private from the street and ways of displaying work from our various user groups.

From a design point of view, the plan is to deck out the room in attractive, inviting colours that brighten the room and give it the feeling of being more lived-in rather than a “walk-through” or storage area. The focus is on keeping the room flexible and easy to use while creating a welcoming atmosphere with a comfortable “lounge” area made up of couches, coffee table and floor lamp.

As the makeover progresses, the existing creative groups who operate from RCLC will be invited to use their many skills to be part of the makeover – sewing, mosaic, whatever can be incorporated into the overall design and colour palette. At the moment, we have some amazingly ample cushions that have been sewn up and deliciously strewn across two bright-red couches. Not to mention the exotic Indian table runner and ‘art deco’ style floor lamp (thanks Merrill!) – all donated or onhand. The project will redecorate the room through reusing and recycling materials on a low-to-no budget!

The new-look room will be launched with a social gathering on Friday 16 December 2011 at 12:30pm.  RSVP Friday 02 December.


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