Sustainable House Day – the aftermath

If you missed Sustainable House Day (SHD) on Sunday 11 September, don’t forget to mark it in your diary nice and early for next year!

Since 2001, Sustainable House Day has been giving home-owners and renters across Australia a chance to visit private houses and public spaces to learn more  about how easy and economical greener living can be.

This year, RCLC participated for the first time offering local residents the opportunity to find out more about renewable energy, household recycling, worm farms, double glazing, solar tube sky-lights and many other concepts connected with running a household while leaving a smaller energy footprint. You may be aware of all the retrofitting that has taken place at Lord Street as part of the Greener Houses Growing Greener
Neighbourhoods project. The purpose of which is to develop Neighbourhood Houses as demonstration centres to showcase the principles and operation of low energy and water use design features, technologies and appliances. SHD gave us the perfect chance to share what has been accomplished with a wider audience beyond our regular centre users.

One of the great aspects of the day was that participants found themselves sharing information and ideas with each other rather than simply turning up to an open-house and taking home a brochure and a free quote. Greener Houses volunteers and staff all agreed that they learnt something new on the day too. It was also a pleasant surprise to find that several people had travelled quite a distance to be at our particular open house.

The plan now is to collate feedback from the SHD and consider running workshops at RCLC on specific subjects such as making better compost or draft proofing your house. Other possible workshop ideas include how to be a greener renter and going solar.

Keep an eye out for details on our website and in social and local media.

Lysette Ashford


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