Childcare News: September 2011

Children's picnic tables from sustainable-forest timber

I just can’t believe it, Term 3 has now finished and we are heading into the last term of the year, Term 4 (how scary is that).

First of all I would like to congratulate one of our committee members, Brenton and his wife Kristie, on the birth of their son Lachlan.

We are all enjoying the lovely new outside tables and seats; the children can now read books, do jigsaws outside and when the sun starts to shine we can eat outside in the shade. 

Occasional Care

Term 3 has been a busy term with quite a few children coming and going. It’s great to see the children becoming more and more independent as the year progresses and the new children settling in so quickly.  Welcome back to Jock, Holly and Hugo. Welcome also to Matilda H, Felix, Leroy, Alfie, Daphne and Edward.   Goodbye to Lysander, Sam, Mitchell and Leroy.

3+ Learning Program

Our 3+ Learning Program is coming along just fine; the children are enjoying each others company and making close friendships.  Welcome to Sarah Z and welcome back to Sreeja.  Some of the children are bringing in a small snack box for afternoon tea so if you would like your child to have some snacks instead of fruit feel free to do so,  just don’t forget our nut free policy…  Please pass the word around about our 3+ Learning Program.

A BIG thank you to all of our lovely children who practiced and practiced Puff the magic dragon for the concert.  Thank you to Supa, Feun and Ling for helping out while Jessie is having a lovely holiday in Queensland….

Here are a few more things I would like to say to our Occasional Care parents and carers:

  • Could everyone make sure that the entrance door to Occasional Care is closed properly, there have been quite a few times it has been left open (we don’t want any children escaping now do we?).
  • Sharmila, Jessie and I only have a certain amount of time to get the cleaning done after the session, so if you want to chat with each other you are more than welcome to sit out in the foyer or go out in the yard and enjoy the sunshine while your children run around. So if you see the vacuum cleaner come out that means everybody out. 
  • I need you all to make sure that you fill in the sign in – sign out sheet completely when arriving and departing.
  • Please check out the lost property box, we have a lot of items that need to go back to their rightful owner (items will be taken to the op shop that are left behind).
  • Last chance for Childcare Benefit Receipts for terms 3 & 4 2010 and terms 1 & 2 2011

Did you know that we are a Greener Houses demo centre?

I don’t know whether you have noticed but we have had lots of work going on in the centre for quite some time now.  The Greener Houses Growing Greener Neighbourhoods (just “Greener Houses” to you and me) team have been working really hard for the open day that was on last Sunday 11 September 2011. But they haven’t finished yet there is alot more work to do be done.

(Thanks to one of our mums Virginia who is a volunteer on the team.)  If you are interested in joining the team see Simone in the office.

When arriving in the morning the centre is so much warmer than what it used to be.  Check out the flyers on the table in the foyer especially no 6 – you will see two familiar faces…!

Have a great two weeks holiday and see you all next term.

Diane, Jessie and Sharmila xxxx


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