Greener Houses Update – July 2011

Making it easier to be green

Greener Houses Growing Greener Neighbourhoods is an exciting project which has developed five Neighbourhood Houses as Eco-Living Demonstration Centres.  The centres showcase the principles and operation of low energy and water use design features, technologies and appliances in family homes. 

Richmond Community Learning Centre and three other Neighbourhood Houses have been given a green makeover.  The project also involves a new Learning Centre in North Epping.

Now that the Neighbourhood Houses have been fitted out with environmental technologies and appliances, they will act as eco-living display centres so that local people can learn how to make their own homes more environmentally friendly.

Volunteers will be trained in community education and learning how to share the knowledge gained by retrofitting RCLC with the wider community. We have been asking centre users if they are aware of the changes, if they want to learn more about changes that they could make to their own homes and the best way to share information with them.

There are small, relatively cheap changes that you could make at your home that would help increase your comfort and decrease your bills. And if you “are only renting” there are still measures you can take. Check out The Victorian Green Renters’ Guide – we have copies in the foyer or go to

More volunteers are always welcome, so let us know if you want to get involved.

Stay informed:


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