Caring for our community

Term 2 has gone so quickly and we hope that everyone has enjoyed their time at our centre—we are always looking to engage with more community members so if this is you, why not get in touch?

We would like to say farewell and thanks to Deb who has moved onto a new role at Holden Street Neighbourhood House—we wish her well.

RCLC recently submitted an Expression of Interest to the City of Yarra for the Tudor Street site.  As  our former home as Burnley Neighbourhood Centre, we believe it is a great opportunity to once again work with the residents there, providing access to neighbourhood house programs and services in the local area.  Some of the proposed activities include a community garden, handyman’s shed and bicycle hub, craft exchange, Broadband for Seniors, and so much more.   We’ll keep you posted.

Our new 3+ Learning Program continues to develop—there are currently some vacancies so if your child is at least 3 years old, please get in touch to find out more.  Children under 3 can be put onto our waiting list.    

The comfort and enjoyment of our participants—big or small—is important to us so we have recently  purchased ergonomic computer chairs for our ICT Lab, new classroom chairs and children’s outdoor picnic tables.  We are also beginning a master plan to complete the children’s outdoor playspace with more plantings, etc. 

Simone Gardiner


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