Childcare News: June 2011

Can you believe it we are at the end of term two already and winter has now set in. We hope you are all keeping nice and warm on these cold cold nights.

CONGRATULATIONS to Yani on passing your exams!!!!!!!!!  On that note we would like to say GOODBYE to Yani she won’t be back next term. THANK YOU Yani very much for being such a wonderful part of our team and program.

GOOD LUCK on your future endeavours.

GOODBYE to Deb and THANK YOU again for stepping into Simone’s shoes while she was off on maternity leave, you did a great job.

We are also saying GOODBYE to Addison and Isabel who are moving to sunny Queensland and GOOD-BYE to Jonathon and Jake as well.  We are all going to miss you sooooooo very much.   Thanks for coming to play with us and we love you heaps.

That’s enough of goodbyes. A BIG WELCOME TO Isla – Monday group.  April- Wednesday group. Charlie T, Charlie W, Zoe & Silas –  Thursday group.  (who have all settled in really well).
Its great having the bubbles out each day, the children (not to mention us adults) just love to blow, chase, pop, and count the bubbles.

All of the children are practising a special song and at the end of term 3 we would like the parents, carers to come 5 minutes earlier at pick up time so that the children can sing you their special song.  We will send out a letter before the end of term to remind you.

The weather has been really great so we have been able to play outside most of the term, let’s hope term 3 will be just as good.
The 3+ Learning Program started this term, if you are interested in your child attending Monday 12:45pm – 3:45pm please see Diane or Jessie. Or if you know of any other families who would like their child/ren to attend please tell them to give us a ring.  Welcome to Sreeja and Archie to our 3+ Learning Program.  Please help spread the word about our new program!

Diane, Jessie, Sharmila and Yani


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