Keen green hands and hearts wanted

Thanks to the great work of volunteers we are on our way to becoming an eco-living demonstration centre. Once the
retrofit of the building is complete we begin the community education phase and would love to get some more volunteers involved. We need people interested in the following areas:

  1. Face-to-face community educator (eg ‘open house’ or centre ‘tour’ guide; one-to-one advice; workshop facilitator, etc)
  2. Behind the scenes community educator (prepare displays, signs, brochures, etc; do any extra research to answer people’s tricky questions)
  3. Promotions (eg contact local paper to get notices in to promote activities, make posters, newsletters, website)
  4. Monitoring energy use at the centre (tracking bills and comparing them with past bills and reporting to the other volunteers, staff committee and centre participants)
  5. Liaise with Coordinator and Committee of Management
  6. Group convenor (calls meetings, keeps contact lists up to date, sends out information, etc)
  7. Liaise with Greener Houses volunteer groups at the other neighbourhood houses

Planning for the community education phase will begin in early May. Get in touch if you/someone you know is interested.


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