Bringing healthy families together

We’d love to get a couple of groups going to help bring parents/carers and children even closer together in a happy and healthy environment.  Get in touch if you’re interested. 

Dads’ Playgroup

The father-child bond is important to a child’s development and a playgroup is also great for new or experienced dads to share tips with each other.

Image source: Daughter Playing With Dad by Vera Kratochvil


Pram Walking Group

Be fit, healthy and happy with your little one enjoying the view and meet other local parents/carers. It’s time to take to the streets pram pushers!

Image source: Fraternal Twins by Peter Griffin


One Response

  1. The RCLC Pram Walking Group will run on Fridays 9:00am – 10:00am starting off here at the Richmond Community Learning Centre and is free. Parents/carers and their little ones will have access to comfortable indoor space with tea/coffee facilities either before their walk or afterwards to relax and unwind.

    You and your child(ren) then have the option of joining our playgroup for some play time from 10:00am – 12:00pm. See for more info about the playgroup.

    RCLC is happy to provide a warm, welcoming place for the pram walkers to meet up – all that we ask is that group members decide where they would like to go together on their pram walk. Going by the friendliness of the mums, dads and carers we have coming to our occasional care and playgroups now, this should be lots of fun. So, what’s stopping you?

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