Childcare News: April 2011

Welcome back to all of our families that have returned this year and we hope that you all have had a happy and restful break.

Unlike me: surgery, 2 car accidents and to top it all off a tooth extraction).  I just couldn’t wait to get back to work.

SIMONE our centre’s coordinator is back from maternity leave and just rearing to get back to work after her long break. WELCOME BACK SIMONE!!!

A big thank you again to DEB for filling Simone’s shoes while she was away.

A big welcome to all our new friends:

Monday group.

  • Lucia, Joseph, Sophie F, Finn, Jake, Sienna and Sophie N.

Tuesday group

  • Sophia, Taj, and Harvey

Wednesday group

  • Rosie, Chloe and Hugo.

Thursday group

  • Grace, Ayla and Claire.

We would like to say goodbye to Alex, Alice, Beau, Philiana and Georgia  – we will miss all of you very much.

Most of the children have now settled in quite well.

I’m really not too sure what went quicker summer or first term but nevertheless the end of term is here. Thank you to Ai Lin, our new volunteer, she is doing a great job.

Don’t forget to visit our website – not to mention the Childcare section as it’s looking pretty fancy.  To keep up with childcare updates, including for playgroup, keep an eye on the following sites:

Alternatively, use the KISS method (keep it short & simple) and get these updates along with all your other RCLC news and events straight from the website at

If you are Facebook inclined, check out  You don’t need your own Facebook account to view its contents. We’d love to have you share your thoughts through our blog, twitter or facebook (or by email/phone)!

Enough of the tech-speak now.

To all of our very special children and their families have a fantastic two weeks break and we will see you next term.

HAPPY EASTER from Diane,  Jessie,  Sharmila  and Yani


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