Don’t Worry You Won’t Harm the Computer

Found this article (Don’t Worry You Won’t Harm The Computer) while scanning through the plethora of sites online (mind-boggling, isn’t it?) and found this one about computer newbies.  (Remember when we all started out with the computer?)  For some of us that may not have been so long ago.

Our Computers Made  Easy course got booked out today and we have nine eager students from all generations, many getting their first taste of the tech-world.  In some cases, they have taught themselves how to do a few small tasks on the computer – watching over the shoulder of one of their kin, or having a play on the computer themselves and making lots of mistakes – great!

DIY computer training is OK for more advanced computer users but for beginners it’s always nice to know that there are fellow classmates and a great teacher onhand who can teach you to say: “Now I understand WHY I am doing what I am doing”.

And yes, you will also learn that you won’t be harming the computer.

Our next Computers Made Easy course runs in Semester 2 – if you know someone who is scared they might hurt their computer (and their pride), get them to come down to our centre to banish their fears once and for all.


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