Looking a bit green lately?

Just a quick update on the latest goings on at RCLC with regards to becoming a more enviro-friendly place.

Are your printer cartridges a bit worn out?

We’ve just had a big PlanetArk box land in our foyer (OK, so it’s not as big as Dr Who’s TARDIS, for those sci-fi devotees out there) where you can drop off your used printer cartridges.  The box is crying out for all types of inkjet and toner cartridges, and toner bottles.  You’ll be amazed at what happens to the printer cartridges once they leave your hands.  As well as decluttering your home, you’ll feel really good about re-purposing a redundant piece of technology.

Putting your old phone into a home

Thinking about getting one of those newer hi-tech phones?  Don’t know what to do with your old one?  (Maybe you just want to ditch your mobile phone altogether and be uncontactable  for once in your life…)  We have a smaller box in the foyer waiting to accept your old mobile phone handsets (including PDAs that are mobiles), all kinds of mobile batteries, mobile phone chargers and accessories (ear pieces, car kits, cases), display mobile phones.  Before handing them over for recycling, you need to ensure that all of your personal information is deleted from the phone and the SIM card is removed.

If you have any other recycle ideas, share them today.


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