The wisdom years of a woman

Detail from Welcome banner made by WOW group

When the prospect came up at my attending a group such as the Women of Wisdom (WOW), I first shunned it as I am a loner.  However, having finally plucked up the courage to travel from Fitzroy to Richmond, I have found that over the years I have come to know a very committed group of ladies who are always ready to welcome new women into the group.  I will admit that before attending the group, I was worried at not being able to make anything well but I see now that the creative skills and knowledge I had long forgotten in my life have been revived once more. 

The ladies in the group are very friendly and they are a mixed bag: some are from Europe, some are Australian-born and there is a wide range of ages. The great thing is that everyone shares their ideas and you do not have to worry about your level of skills at making things because you will always have someone there to help you and teach you something new.  There is nothing like a handmade item to give to another person – family member, friend, whatever!

When you come to the group you will receive afternoon tea or coffee and if you are good at making cakes or biscuits, you can bring these in to share.  Some of us sometimes just buy a little something sweet or savoury from the shops – it’s still great to eat!  You are not obliged to bring anything to eat, of course.

I would really recommend to anyone thinking about coming to a group like the Women of Wisdom, to pop in on a Friday afternoon.  It’s on between 1:30pm and 3:30pm – come and have a try.  You will find laughter, friendship, learn new things and, like me, brush up on skills I had forgotten about!

Kathryn O
Long-time WOW participant


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