She’s back!

First message of 2011 from our Centre Coordinator Simone who has returned from maternity leave…

A very warm welcome back to all our friends and to all our groups who attend regularly.  We have only been open a few days and already we have people calling in and many of our families returning for occasional childcare and playgroup.  It is great to see so many beautiful smiling faces and hear so many happy voices.

Like many of you, I am also returning and experiencing the excitement and joy of coming back to RCLC.  I am really looking forward to meeting all our new participants as well as seeing all our ‘regulars’ and trying to remember all your names!  It is great to once again be a part of the lovely and very talented team we have here.

I am already feeling the pangs of separation from my beautiful baby, Thilini.  We have had the most wonderful time together and would like to thank everyone for their support, gifts and warm wishes when Thilini was born.

A big thank you to the outgoing members of the COM: Clare, Vicki, Leah and Deb K for all your great work.  During your time our centre has developed into a strong organization that can embrace new opportunities and challenges and respond positively to emerging community needs.  A great job!

A special thank you to Deb S, Diane, MHP, Jessie, Sharmila and Margaret and all the team who worked extra hours and took on additional responsibilities while I was away.  The centre looks fantastic and it has been great to hear of the many achievements of 2010.

This year is looking very exciting.  Deb S is continuing with us and part of her role is to review our current programs and investigate new funding and programs and services.  We are very interested to hear from you if you have skills or talents, or are looking to develop some new areas of interests.  We anticipate that by Term 2 we will have a revamped program with lots of exciting opportunities.

Finally we are looking for new volunteers to help us out in the office, our children’s programs and by joining our COM.  While our staff do a tremendous job, the role of community volunteers is a valuable and integral part of our structure, and increases our capacity within the community.  If you are passionate about your local community and have some free time, we would love to hear from you.

Simone Gardiner


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