Greener Houses Update – February 2011

A brief recap

First we recruited our wonderful volunteers. They spent many months attending workshops, researching, assessing and making plans for the retrofit of our building. This plan was then reviewed and approved with input from staff and the committee.

Meanwhile further funding was sought and discussion began with council about implementing the plans.


Finally we are up to the implementation stage. You may have already noticed some changes. Large gaps above the doorways have been blocked in. The top panes of glass above the south facing windows have also been blocked in. There are to be many more changes, some of them not that visible, like topping up the ceiling insulation. In the next few weeks we will have a SolaMate system installed. Through panels on the roof the centre can be heated during the daytime and during summer the system can be used for night cooling. This will lessen the burden on our current heating and cooling system.


It’s not too late to get involved. Once the retrofit is completed we will need help in making sure that we are running as efficiently as possible. We will need to make sustainability part of our daily operations. We will need to share what we have learnt with our neighbours. If you are interested in helping with any of this please contact us and put your name down: (03) 9428 9901 or

Find out more, be involved, share your experiences – you can even follow our Greener Houses discussion at


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