Goodbye BNC, hello RCLC!

After much planning and background work we have made our transition from Burnley Neighbourhood Centre and we can finally use our new name, email address and website.

Thanks to all staff who worked on the name changeover. A big thank you goes to our budding graphics designer, Matthew, who has developed our new logo, billboard and other marketing items. His creative talents and professionalism have given us a brilliant new look.

Another term has flown by. After a cold Winter it’s nice to see the sun again. There should be less runny noses for Occasional Care staff to deal with. And after years of drought isn’t all this rain surprising? Now that it’s Spring I’m hoping that we can continue the work that has begun in sprucing up the outside areas of the centre. It will be great if we can get people interested in an Organic & Heirloom Gardening Club.

We have our Annual General Meeting coming up in October (check out our events calendar for date and time). Joining the Committee of Management is a great way of getting involved in the centre and meeting new people. We have several committee members intending to retire this year so we will need people. If you are interested please let me know. If you have never been on a committee before, this is a nice introduction: small organisation, happy staff and supportive fellow committee members. There are training opportunities provided throughout the year by the City of Yarra.

Hope to see you all at the Twilight Market on 19 November 2010

Deb Sawyer
Acting Coordinator


6 Responses

  1. Hi Deb, Helda, Diane, Margaret (who have I missed?!)
    new website looks terrific – congrats to Helda.
    launch was great – Feun’s food amazing as ever and the cakes were so beautifully colour coordinated.
    well done to Matthew – I think the new logo looks great.

  2. A BIG thank you to everyone at RCLC for a great day today! The kids had a great time! The cake and Fern’s food was delicious! My kids also loved the mini maestros. Also fantastic that local govenment is taking an active interest and attended the special day.
    Well done to everyone who helped organise and make the day happen! You all did a great job!!!!

  3. Hi RCLC

    Thanks for the great new website! It’s fresh, easy to navigate around, user-friendly, and very informative. The articles and course/activity details especially bring the centre and its people to life. Classy and professional. Well done! Will recommend others read the site and get involved with this community.


  4. Helda this website is tremendous, you should be very proud. I just love it : )

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