Childcare News: September 2010

Hi to you all

Well, well, well it’s holiday time again; doesn’t it come around so quickly?

First of all I would just like to mention that Thilini (Simone’s baby) is now 24 weeks and coming along in leaps and bounds, now weighing in at 4.9 kilos.

Congratulations to Teresa on completing her Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood).  A job well done Teresa.

We would like to say goodbye to Milla, Chloe, Ava, Lucinda, Olivia  & Lachie – we are sorry to see you all leave.  Welcome back to Isabel and a big welcome to Finnigan, Ralph, Addison, Finn, Andrew and Sophie.

As you might have noticed we have purchased some new equipment: trampoline, climbing frame with a wave walk. A set of zoo animals, dress up trolley with a mirror, a lovely round pine table, sand and water table, two ride-ons, glue, glitter, books, etc, way too many things to mention. The storeroom is looking good. 

I put in an application for resource kits from DEECD worth $1000.00 and we were successful; they will be delivered within four months. The kits consists of toys, CDs and books, etc.

As we approach Term four, the children are forming close friendships with each other, it’s just great to see them interact so well.

We now have an extended concrete bike path for the children to ride the bikes with ease.

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Cathy and Teresa for filling in for me in my time of need.

Thank you to Clare and Anna for cutting out, and Virginia for separating the paper.

Joanne our volunteer is off to the USA and Italy – we hope she has a safe and exciting holiday. We will look forward to seeing her back in Term four.

In Term four, the children will be practising a few Christmas songs which they will sing on their last day.

Looking forward to another great term with all of your wonderful children…




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