Childcare News: July 2010

Hi there to all

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun???  I can’t believe how the terms are passing by.  I hope you are all keeping rugged up on these cold winter nights.

On behalf of our centre, I would like to say goodbye to Catherine who has resigned from the committee.  A big thank you to Catherine also for all of her endless work – it never went unnoticed.  We welcome into the committee Debbie, Shona, Chrystal and Madeline.

As you would all know by now, Simone our centre’s coordinator is on maternity leave and her baby is coming along just fine – check out the photos of Thilini on the photoboard in the foyer.  A great big thank you again to everyone who contributed towards the gift for Simone, Kenney and of course, Thilini.  We collected $560.00!

Thanks to Virginia, Amanda and Clare for helping me out and a big thank you to Liz for all of the cutting you have done for me.  We are also saying goodbye to Claudia – thanks for coming to play with us.  We will miss you very much.

I am pleased to say that our transition time between activities is now quiet and relaxing.  The children are progressing with their self-help skills (going to the toilet, hand washing, blowing their nose, etc) which is just fantastic to see.  Well done!

Keep those books rolling in, we are having a wonderful time sharing our special stories with each other.

Hope you have had a wonderful two weeks holiday.  I did – celebrating my 50th birthday with a great rock ‘n’ roll party!!



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