Would you be interested in these?

We are always on the lookout for programs and activities that will bring the community together to live, learn, locally.  Contact us if you would be interested in any of the following:

Organic & Heirloom Gardening Club

Are you interested in helping to grow organic and heirloom vegetables? Do you want to meet new people? We want to start a Friday afternoon gardening group with enthusiastic green thumbs.

Russian Beginners’ Course

Venture into a language from a far-off land. Alphabet, language and customs all covered by a comprehensive course—teacher available now to show you the way. Get in touch for further information and to register your interest.

In the Pipeline

If you are keen to participate in the following programs and activities, please get in touch to register your interest now!

  • Digital photography
  • Op Shop tours

RCLC is a house open to the community. You may be an established group looking for space to hold your class and/or meetings. You may have an idea for a new class or group that you would like to run.

Types of activities we are keen to have are:

  • Walking group; Cooking different cuisines
  • Sewing group; Recycling clothes
  • Groups with interests in sustainable living activities
  • Forming a LETS (Local Exchange Trading Scheme)

Get in touch to chat about possibilities.


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